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About The Stone Chapel Poet

Christmas morning and a solidly constructed stone chapel that was not there the night before sets in central park. That day’s front page of the New York Times is blank except for a single poem signed only “DF.” Then each day, a new poem from the enigmatic “DF” appears in seemingly miraculous ways no one can explain and people in need are helped. Is it a sign from Heaven, a miracle for today’s secular world or somebody’s sick joke or computer hack? The powers that be want the chapel demolished and removed from city property, but some see this as a sacrilege and stand in opposition.

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Stone Chapel Poet by Lake Charles Native Alan McCall



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Masterfully inventive—Vibrant and iridescent. The reader feels the soft kiss of snowflakes, hears salvation army bells and smells evergreen needles—destined to be an annual holiday refresher for everyone who, as a child once upon a time, knew of the undeniable magic of christmas morning. Rick Norman

Author, Fielder's Choice

Poignant scenes that melt even ‘A Fisherman’s Winter Heart.’

Dr. Keagan Lejeune

Professor, McNeese State University

This book had me from the first paragraph. An intriguing story of a christmas miracle, where the author paints vivid pictures of the characters, and of New York City. I love it and plan to read it again. Definitely five stars! Lisa Stewart

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